Live in the comfort of knowing you control your home.

Not only can your entire home now be controlled through your smartphone and tablet or by using voice commands, but due to its flexibility, it can also easily be adapted by the homeowner at a later stage.

Home automation

You can forget about hurrying home to open the door for your kids or getting out of bed to turn lights on and off.

You have full control over your world - make changes by the press of a button on your phone.

With Excellumax Automation, the entire home can be controlled not only with switches, but now even more practically: by smartphone or tablet and via touch or voice control. This allows home automation to be managed in a way that’s mobile and smart, precise and flexible. For example, if the light atmosphere needs to be changed, tapping on the touchscreen or a simple voice command moves the blinds or changes the colours of the lights. Experience the future of smart living today.

Home automation starter kits

If you you like to get started on automation, you can buy one of our starter kits to get you going. All our prices include VAT.


R 19 460.35
  • System Access Point (SAP-S-2)
  • Power supply (PS-M-64.1.1)
  • Switch actuator 4gang (SA-M-0.4.1)
  • BI-F-2.0.1 Binary Input 2gang, FM (BI-F-2.0.1)
  • Installation (Terms and conditions apply)


  • Philips Hue kit
  • Amazon Alexa (echo dot)
  • Sonos play speaker
  • Installation (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Included: The Essential Kit


  • 1 x 5 kVA interver
  • 4 x 150Ah Batteries
  • 3 x Photo Voltaic Panels (275 watts)
  • Installation (Terms and conditions apply)
  • Included: The Essential Kit

Case studies prove that our solutions work

Our solutions save our customers time and money – it’s the power of convenience and comfort that enables productivity and effectivity

Smart Home integration with a Photo Voltaic system

We simplify your home by integrating and automating climate control, lighting, sun-shading and any other electronically controllable devices. For this reason the sky is the limit when it comes to adapting your home to fit your unique requirements. Whether it is to visually monitor your home remotely on your phone for security reasons or whether you want all your lights to be switched off with the touch of a single button for ensuring convenience and peace of mind.

After full integration and automation of a house for one of our customers in Senderwood, Bedfordview, we installed a Photo Voltaic (PV) system and integrated it with the smart system.  This provides numerous additional benefits such as the fact that the batteries level can be monitored and if during night time the batteries level drop below a certain point, the smart system will automatically switch over to a low power mode to conserve energy. Other benefits of a PV system include the convenience of always having power, protection of your electronic equipment, the fact that a PV system in maintenance free, has no noise pollution and you do not even have to top it up with diesel.

Every Smart Home is unique and so are you.