We are all about home and business automation

Excellumax Automation has been in the industry for quite a few years. With us, all applications in and around the house and business are amazingly easy to combine.

This is who we are

We specialise in the design and implementation of building control systems

The company was founded in 2011 to provide general industrial system integration and control system implementation services to various industries including mining, mineral processing, manufacturing and energy management for buildings.

Excellumax Automation turned its focus early on to specialise in the implementation of building control system solutions for the optimisation of energy consumption. We believe that in today’s technological era it is important that your building can adapt to changes for maximising comfort, convenience, energy savings, safety and security. Your building should be intelligently networked to allow the integration and visualisation of heating and cooling systems, ventilation and air conditioning systems, lighting, sun-shading systems, as well as fire protection and security systems.

You can have full control over what happens in your home and business.
You can also save money in the process with our green systems.


It begins with commissioning and continues later when used as a part of daily life. With Excellumax Automation all applications in and around the house are amazingly easy to combine

Building Management Systems

Modern building automation has become more efficient than ever in order to meet the many demands of people living and working in the building. Ideal for efficiency, perfect for the future.

Energy Data

Producing energy data and transforming it into knowledge and insight that is conveniently available on your tablet or mobile phone, anytime and anywhere.

Photo Voltaic Installations

We help you reduce your reliance on Eskom by following a scientific approach of collecting and analysing your building’s energy data in order to consult on and install the best mix of alternative power sources.

System Integration Consultation services

We provide consultation services from project initiation to project handover that include integrated systems architecture development of electrical reticulation, water reticulation, HVAC control, system interfaces, intelligent networks and software.

Data and system architecture

Capturing and integrating data produced by the building control system itself and other related third party systems is an integral part of the energy data management services provided. Data is transformed into knowledge and insight that is conveniently available on your tablet or mobile phone, anytime and anywhere.

The company provides System Architecture Consultation services from project initiation throughout until project handover. Excellumax Automation have the necessary knowledge and practical implementation experience of power reticulation, alternative power sources, intelligent networks, data management, software development and technology level to business level architecture modelling.

Commercial products and services levels

Level 1: Electrical & water meters + HVAC control + Sensors & actuators
Level 2 : Cabling + Network Routers + Gateways + low level comms
Level 3 : Billing software, BMS, data management
Level 4 : Remote monitoring and control (Android & iOS APPs etc)